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Structure = Freedom - Jill Agonias - Sol Seek Yoga

May 06, 2022 Michael Jay Season 2 Episode 5
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Structure = Freedom - Jill Agonias - Sol Seek Yoga
Show Notes

Jill Agonias is a young entrepreneur fueled by a passion for seemingly impossible challenges. As a yoga teacher, rock climber, surfer, world traveler, and philanthropist, Jill’s motivated to share her love of yoga, obsession with adventure, and advocacy for equity through Sol Seek Yoga Studio.

Before owning Sol Seek, Jill helped lead Vitamin Angels’ marketing strategy - a global nonprofit that gives lifesaving vitamins to underserved populations. After nearly 4 years at Vitamin Angels, she traveled around the world practicing yoga at studios in 20+ countries while simultaneously working remotely as a marketing consultant for small businesses and nonprofits.

The culmination of these experiences inspired her to take over the ownership of Divinitree Yoga Studio when she returned to the United States in 2018. Little did she know she would revive a failed business, endure a global pandemic, almost go bankrupt, but still come out on top with a new name and brand, and renovated studio. Sol Seek is now a recognized and respected refuge and staple in Santa Barbara, California. 

As an Asian American woman, Jill is also passionate about making yoga accessible and inclusive for people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities. She uses her business as a tool for education and advocacy to help create more equitable communities within her community and beyond.

  • She purchased a failing studio unknowingly that it had with a bad reputation and slowly and carefully turned it around into a successful community studio
  • She created a studio business plan way before owning a studio through the Women’s Economical Ventures Santa Barbara
  • The importance of doing due diligence before buying a studio and the lesson learned
  • How Jill spent time to build trust back with instructors, students and the community
  • The importance of your website as first impressions and making sure the inside of the studios is shown
  • How the website integrates with Mindbody and  Brandbot for lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns
  • The decision to sell directly to membership via an intro offer where the student has to opt out instead of opting in to a reoccurring membership
  • The first impressions of the in-person experience and how front desk training helps make new customers feel welcome and part of the community.
  • Mission Vision Values are EVERYTHING 
  • How she is not afraid of taking on debt and having a tolerance for risk to get ahead
  • The structure of her team of 35 employees
  • How structure and systems have given her freedom to explore her other passions and travels




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