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Studio Chat with Lisa Cutts - Yoga Pod Tucson

May 12, 2022 Michael Jay Season 2 Episode 6
Yoga Biz Champ with Michael Jay
Studio Chat with Lisa Cutts - Yoga Pod Tucson
Show Notes

Yoga Pod Tucson - LISA CUTTSIt all started back in late 2017 when Brian and Lisa Cutts started planning for Lisa to retire for the second time (not one to sit still, Lisa went back to work after 18 months of retirement once before). 

As a corporate executive in the enterprise software space, Lisa traveled extensively and was able to visit yoga studios all over the world. During this time, she developed her vision for the perfect yoga studio … a beautiful spa-like and welcoming environment where yoga is demystified through exceptional instructors who lead students on a journey where yoga is accessible to absolutely everyone.

Fast forward to finding the perfect location, Brian started working with architects to design a state-of-the-art studio.   Excited to finally open our doors in 2020…COVID hit and delayed the Grand Opening until late May 2020.   After a few weeks, we shut our doors with the rest of Tucson and re-opened with limited capacity September 2020.  

It’s been a wild ride! ________________________________________________

In this episode we chat about:

  • How Lisa built a team of Team Leads and Instructors
  • The importance of the guest experience from the minute students walk through the doors and being a very welcoming environment.
  • The one week intro offer and customer touch points
  • How well they do with class packs from the intro offer
  • How they opened with 50 classes a week on the schedule and grew to 75
  • We talk about the popular time slots on the schedule
  • How a registered series can help crappy time slots.
    Michael’s Webinar on creating a registered series that sells here
  • Favourite Business App for systemizing teacher class subs - Subsonic (now  Studioease)

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