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PASSION, Creativity & Processes with Jennifer Prugh

June 20, 2022 Michael Jay Season 2 Episode 7
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
PASSION, Creativity & Processes with Jennifer Prugh
Show Notes

Jennifer Prugh is the co-founder and owner of Breathe Together Yoga in Los Gatos (est. 2011). She created the JOY of Yoga School of Integrative Learning where she oversees and teaches for the 200- and 300-hour teacher trainings (est. 2007). She also created the JOY MAP program, a 100-hour course in meditation and awareness practice.

Jennifer is passionate about “life education,” making mind and body practices accessible so students are empowered to live fully and contribute to life. She brings eight years as an Associate Professor of storytelling, storyboarding, and creativity, ten years as a professional artist, and a Master’s Degree in Art and Consciousness studies to her teaching and business leadership.

A passionate traveler, Jennifer leads four international retreats a year. Last year she published River of Offerings, Twelve Journeys along the Ganges River, (chosen as one of the top fifty spiritual books of 2021 by Spirituality and Practice). A book of stories and photographs that was ten years in the making, River of Offerings is available at Insight Editions or your favorite local bookstore. She lives with her husband, son who is about to leave for college and two golden retrievers, Hobbes and River. 

Facebook: Jennifer Prugh Yoga
Instagram: @JennPrugh

Book: River of Offerings
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On this podcast we speak about

  • How Jennifer got started in yoga during the peace movement of the 70’s and was influenced by the Beatles
  • She started with Sharon Babtiste 
  • Her trips to India and the Ganges river moved her so deeply that she pursued yoga and left the corporate and professor world
  • A benefactor invested under a million dollars to open her studio on Los Gatos California . She opened big with a 2 room  studio running 50 classes with a teahouse and wellness centre.
  •  She hired a manager right from the beginning and put systems and procedures in place.
  • How procedures and processes take the make it less personal.
  • Standard operation procedures are a live document that gets refined every year.
  • Jennifer shares the structure of her business and people
  • How Jennifer changes the roles basted on the talents of the people and they all know what lanes they are driving in.
  • How the Yamas and Niyamas support communications
  • The importance of hiring quality instructors - 500 hours or 7 years of teaching that have already developed their voice.
  • How Jennifer keeps her salary low and rewards herself financially with her trainings and retreats.
  • How PASSION and CREATIVITY drives everything and how she cares about people changing their lives.
  • She advices to keep your non yoga relationships strong
  • The importance of having the deepest trust with managers


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