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Creating A Signature Yoga Series That Sells - Annette Arceneaux

June 18, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 5
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Creating A Signature Yoga Series That Sells - Annette Arceneaux
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On this episode, I talk to one of my solopreneur yoga business coaching clients, Annette Arceneaux.

Annette recently launched her virtual yoga signature yoga series to great success. She started with no audience and we worked together over a few months to find her purpose, find her ideal clients, create a registered yoga signature series that actually sells.

Annette met and exceeded her goals and shares her experience on creating and marketing her signature series and describes her experience as being in total alignment with purpose and being in 'Flow State'.

She offers other yoga teachers writing services to promote their yoga programs. You can visit Annette's website to see how she promoted her series at and she can be found on instagram here.



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Michael Jay  
Welcome to yoga base camp with myself, Michael Jay. I'm a yoga business coach with 25 plus years of experience as a creative, a total tech geek and a yoga business owner.

Today, I'm taking a different approach and highlighting one of my solo clients. And net author know, she has been working with me for about four months and recently launched her own signature series to great success. So I'm thrilled to share her journey working with myself and finding her own flow state as she launches her own program. Enjoy.

Well, welcome to another episode of yoga biz camp. I'm Michael Jay. And I have a very special guest with me today. And that Arthur No. So this is a little bit different today. And that is one of my clients. So we have been doing consulting and coaching for her yoga business for probably the last three months. And I feel like a proud popi with her.

she is somebody that has done the work. And is just proof that you can launch a successful program without having an audience. And so I'm super thrilled to have a net with me today. So welcome in it. Hey, Michael, thank you for having me. Thank you, we have a little love fest going on here, I think.

Yeah, such a great time with each other. And, and honestly, and that just working with you. I mean, I've been using you a little bit on my social media as my poster girl for really, you know, doing it doing the work and launching a successful program. And I think Annette launched her program last week, and more than met her goals. So we will, we will, we will get to that. But I am so proud of just the work she's put into this. And it's been a great process. So I'm going to go through, let's talk about our process. And that because I think this is going to be super helpful for especially solo yoga teachers. And I have been of the mindset lately, for solo yoga teachers, I've been wanting to help them create registered series. And because of that, because what I'm seeing is all these yoga teachers that are trying to hustle out, they're trying to get people individually on virtual classes, which is a, it's a hard hustle. And it's a daily hustle to do that. And so what I've done, I'm in a coaching program that has taught me a way to create programs, where and I say this a lot, don't I Annette where you know, that people will pay for a solution to a problem. And I think we've kind of proved that. So this has been a bit of a pilot project with a few of my clients, but you have just by far just excelled at this. So on. First of all,

you know, we kind of guarded with your purpose. And we we we, you know, we did a deep dive It was almost kind of I know very cocci kind of sessions, right? Where we really did a deep dive and you have a little bit of a story, you know, because your story has been important in creating your program. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, it's very, yeah, it was it was the whole purpose of my program. So I'm so happy that you helped me Let it out and find it. Yeah, so you want to share that a little bit. You don't have to share it is a little bit of a, you know, it has a bit of trauma involved in it. But he, you have been so open

Annette Arceneaux  
to sharing that story. So, you know, you don't need to go in great detail. But you know, just if you could just give a sort of an overview of that. Yeah, absolutely. So I've been sober for five years. And this is really part of my story. Because in the past, I was escaping a lot. Even though I had yoga in my life, I was escaping a lot. And I was plagued with anxiety. And I, it was this huge turmoil that I had to come over overcome. And

I use yoga and meditation and journaling and mindfulness practices to help me stay sober for these five years. And I've just found that being more vulnerable with my story and sharing the ins and outs has really drawn my audience to me are people that are my people to me. Yeah. Yeah, I feel like that. That's a very short statement. I can do


Michael Jay  
You know, you went you went,

you went west to California, got hooked into the got hooked into the wrong kind of scene at that time, right? And then through that you got clear with your yoga practice of meditation. And that really was the guiding light. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So

you really did a deep dive on that on that one, whether you wanted to share it or not, or whether people would be interested in that story or not. But I always say that your story, no matter what your story is, it's your superpower. And so, you know, I have spoken to people that, you know, have played down their story that might, you know, one, one person was a married lady, and said that she had a very regular life, but it turned out she was actually a supermom. Right. And so, you know, no matter what your story is this power within that story. And so, you know, you were just very, very vulnerable enough to Yeah, share. No, I appreciate that. Yeah, absolutely. And I think I agree, because, you know, once you've lived a story, you don't realize how powerful it is. But when, you know, I was working with you. I was like, Oh, this is like, okay, yeah, this can take me somewhere. This is my power. So yeah, yeah. Now, you didn't have you teach yoga, and you've taught yoga and Reiki and you've worked for studios work for studios, but you didn't really have your own audience. And so one of the things that she was very clear on from the beginning was that she wanted a digital nomadic lifestyle for traveling, and wanted to be able to create a business around that. And also,

through our deep dive, we figured out another superpower, which is writing. Yes, right.

And that's not everybody's everybody's skill set. But that was something you were very clear about was that you wanted to incorporate some type of your writing skill set into your business. And I think we've done that. Now. The next stage we worked on was finding your ideal yoga student. And this was a lot of fun, because I didn't know about her passions. And

you have an odd pie my, my hippie passions. Yeah, she's a total hippie chick.

But we found out that, you know, I was trying to dig with her about where she was known and what community she was connected into. And then we found out

that you have very much plugged into a community. Do you want to share what what your community is? I'd never heard this.

Annette Arceneaux  
I know, I don't think many people have, but it's called fish chicks. And not to be confused with fish sticks, fish chicks. And fish is we are our group of women who love the band, fish, fishes, this jam band large jam band, they're kind of like, you know, their branch off of the Grateful Dead, very dead inspired. So that's my, that's my crew. We're all a bunch of hippies together. And so you're I mean, you are super passionate about this band and super passionate about this community, right? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, for one thing I should mention, you know, for many reasons, I found fish in 2009. And it's just the gifts that this band. I know, it sounds absolutely ridiculous. But other than just the music, the guests that they brought me, you know, they're part of the reason why I'm sober today. So this is a huge part of the program as well, I can really share that with people.

Yeah, this band brings me so much joy on so many levels, and so much purpose. So would you the interesting because it's somewhat of a drug type of culture. It is it is, which is, which is it's just so funny how it comes around in circles back, you know, it circles back. So, yeah, yeah. And you did say that one of the band members is sort of, you know, yeah, Trey Anastasio, maybe there's a fish fan out there. That would be pretty cool. But Trey Anastasio he, he was really struggling. And he got sober. And he's, he's been sober for a long time now and clean and over quarantine, he

played shows, he stream shows live and collected donations for them. And now he's opened his own,

I guess kind of a fishy Recovery Center. So I imagine a lot of fish fans will be going there to seek help for recovery. But it's just it's amazing. And to have that, even though we don't know each other, you know, me and Trey, but we have that connection with each other. So right

Michael Jay  
Alright, so when I discovered, we were trying to get your audience when I discovered this, and that you were really plugged into that community. And I

asked you, I challenge you to go do a post into this group that said, if I create a series around this theme that offer this solution, would there be any bit? Anybody interested?

Annette Arceneaux  

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. The first time I asked, I think I had, I think I had over 400. I'm,

like, over four, I so many, I can't even remember the number but over 400 likes and reactions on Facebook. And I had like, I had probably 60 or more. No, no, I had way more than 60 comments that were like, Yes, I want this. Yes, I need this. So yeah, there was absolute excitement about it. So I mean, that you, you after that you got lit up, yes. Because you realize that there was an audience that you could create a solution for this audience and that there was actually interest in it. Yeah, I just, I just want to really just dial this in for people that are watching this solo yoga teachers in particular, that if you don't have an audience, and you do the work of finding your purpose, figuring out who your ideal client is, and then figuring out what the solution to their problems are. That that's kind of the magic, right? Like, I think we've kind of discovered that. It's very magical, actually how it all plays out, especially when you open your heart and you see that people, people need exactly what you've been through. Yeah. So yeah, yeah. And what happened there also, so we did a lot of work a little bit talking around sales by chat. And that is, you know, having conversations with those people that commented, and, and having conversations with the people that sent you messages. And so that started building up some relationships and trust, right? Yeah, yeah, it was a huge part of it. Yeah. So then we went with this, we found your purpose, we found your ideal student, and then we created your signature series. And so we, we did a really fantastic I love this is a very coachee thing that we did, but it was, you know, coming up with a diagram that I use. And through this diagram, we mapped out how to figure out the solution to these problems, which was the central theme. And then we figured out what the three problems were.

Michael Jay  
And then we created the solutions to those problems, which created the modules for your course. Yeah. How was that? How was that process for you? It was, it was honestly, pretty easy. Once I figured out those three, those three main kind of pain points. Yeah. And then turn those around. It was easy, because I've been through this, and I'm developing the content around it is very simple. So yeah, it was easy. Yeah. Yeah, no, I mean, that was a really fantastic kind of process to go through with you as well.

Because when you put it out there, then you you know, you actually had interest in it. Yes. And how did you go about pricing your series?

Annette Arceneaux  
Um, well, that's an interesting question. So I, I really, I took time to look at every offering that was included in my course. And, um, and then I broke down how much it costs for each service. And then I kind of kind of got really specific and divided it by the number of people I wanted in my group. Yeah. And then I, I narrowed it down a little bit more so that it would be accessible. Yeah, hopefully, that's not too specific. But yeah, and you also did an early bird price rate as well. Yeah. Yeah. Which kind of get people in there as well.

Michael Jay  
Then we worked a little bit on and this has been a little bit of an experiment, but we wanted to make sure because this is a virtual series. And just to be clear,

and that created a one month series. So it was a it was a four week series of a session. And then on a Tuesday and then a follow up session on a Thursday. Correct. And also she signed up for a system. So I think we went with ribbon on this one. And you're also offering that video on demand for the people within that course as well. And correct. Yeah. So we talked a little bit about your superpower, which is your writing. And I honestly I have to say

well, first of all, if you want to see her superpower go to a net that is a n n e e t e a r e n e u x.

I will put that in the show notes.

Annette Arceneaux  
Table. Yeah, yeah.

Michael Jay  
You your landing page. I mean, if you've had some experience student writing landing pages before, but it was an is beyond amazing. It is a good landing page. Folks, it is the happiest page you've ever seen.

Yeah, I strive for that. Thank you. It is so 1970s it is it's so speak to your fish tick audience, like, you know, like you're speaking to them. How did you go about that process? Like, how do you? What's the mindset when you go through that writing process of your landing page? Are there any? Yeah, helping people think that? Well, I'm really Yeah, yeah, maybe. So I really like think about for me, I am my ideal client. Or I was my old, my old version of me was my ideal client. Um, so it felt like I was really talking to my old self. But in another situation, it's really about

speaking to your ideal client, you know, what would be the things that you would say to your ideal client? How, what would you want them to know? It's, I think most of the time in our situation, if we're coaching or if we're being yoga teachers, we're more marketing. Most of the time, I think we're talking to our old selves in some realm. So I think that that could be a tip to tap into, like, what did your old self need that you're offering people now? Yeah. Her, honestly, her, her landing page or sales page is fantastic. And so we're also I've talked about this in a little bit, but we're also

part of our business planning and coaching is, and that is going to be writing for yoga teachers to help them out because it's not everybody's skill set. It's not my skill set. And I you know, I think you definitely have a skill set to offer people so we'll get to that shortly.

Now, so you've got the booking system, you've got the landing page, and then you got to,

to marketing. So your marketing was specifically within this group, right? Because you didn't really need to go anywhere else. And also, I just want to be clear that this is not a sobriety program. It's it's about bringing your skill set, which is meditation and, and yoga to these people to help them. Exactly, exactly. It's about reconnection. Yeah, yeah. And so when you when you put it out there into the group, you know, you have to hustle a little bit there. It's not an easy thing, right. So can you talk about that person? A little bit and how did you end up? You know, getting people converted to a paid client? Yeah, um,

Annette Arceneaux  
so initially, you know, I put it out there that, okay, it's here, I'm so excited to share it with you. And during that process, I had talked to a couple of women who were really interested as well. A lot of people express interest, but as I learned, even though they, they express interest, for whatever reason, it might not fit with their lives at the moment, just may not be the right time. So, um, I really, I found that the women that I really connected with that I had conversations with the most were the ones who really stuck that they're the ones who came in, and they were really into it. And also, I hope it's okay to share that in, you know, sales by chat.

I found, I would ask them, would you?

Would you like to see this website? And they would be like, Yeah, sure. I would like to learn more about this program. And I would share and then sometimes I would hear crickets, I wouldn't hear anything after I sent the link. And I would say, do you have questions? And I'm not it was kind of like nothing. So I found that the people who just kind of dead end Alright, it's not it's not. That's, that's not, you know, that's not a client right now. But the ones who engage with you and ask questions, and also just sharing, being vulnerable with individual people and connecting them on a real deep level about the program and why they're coming here. I found that's the best way and yeah, that's the relationships right? Yeah. relationships. Absolutely.

Yeah. And,

and you know, it from an outsider's perspective, it could sound so salesy, but from my perspective, it just felt so natural, because I'm just talking about where I've been and what I'm offering. So,

Michael Jay  
yeah, and I think that's such an interesting point, because it's not salesy. When it's authentic. Right. It's like, you're not trying to pull one over on them. You're actually yeah, you actually have something to offer. And it's, you know, and you've been in their shoes. Exactly. So that's an easy thing to share. So we had a goal. And the goal was to register 10 people. And one of my so she is a hula hoop girl, like she loves the hula hoop. I said, I want to see when you hit your goal, I want to see a hula hoop video on Instagram, and I got my hula hoop video on Instagram.

Annette Arceneaux  
Yes, yes, that you did. And then after that, I still kept bringing them in. So I should have given you more than one whole video. If you work with me, we have fun.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Michael Jay  
And so you met your goal, but then you more than meet your goals. So you ended up getting 13 people signed up. So folks, she got 13 people without having an audience 13 paying people into a program. And so you know, you you, you know, close without expenses, you know, itching towards $2,000 in your program. So how did that feel with your first launch, and, you know,

Annette Arceneaux  
it was it was amazing, it was amazing. And I just feel, I just feel really proud of myself, because there were a lot of times where I was meeting my own personal roadblocks. And you were there for accountability, of course, but at the same time, I kind of learned how to how to lean into those roadblocks and just move through them. And it's just so exciting. It's exciting. And from here, there are just so many different paths, I can take this and do more, do more of what I love. So it's just it's so exciting.

Michael Jay  
And I gotta tell, you know, I get direct messages and emails from a net, and this there are some days that she's just like, Oh, my God, I love this, I want more. I've got so many ideas and like you are just bubbling with new kinds of ideas. And, and now we're also talking about, you know, she's partway through the program, week two, and now we're kind of talking about, you know, what to do with this group afterwards. Right. And then maybe there's an add on thing here. And, and then we're also looking at, you know, how to bring your writing in for yoga teachers. And so there's this, you know, all these possibilities have really opened up for you here. Yeah. And your level has gone beyond.

Annette Arceneaux  
Yes, yes, definitely. I mean, at first, I was afraid.

I mean,

I think that that's okay. You know, I was afraid to put my stuff out there to put my story out there and all that. But I'm just Michael, I've told you so many times, but I'm in my flow. I'm in flow like I know that I'm listening Living my purpose. And I think that when you're aligned with your purpose and why you're here and with your own story, I think that creativity just happens naturally. And you feel that momentum and you want to keep creating. So I just, it's just amazing.

Michael Jay  
The flow state, right. So I love that we're like, we talked a little bit about that. But yeah, the flow state is when you are in your purpose, like, I know, in my life, as a business coach, you know, everything I've done running a yoga studio, being a solo teacher, teaching, virtual yoga, being a tech geek my whole life, that I'm in my flow state of exactly where I'm supposed to be. And I, you know, we very much have talked about this, a lot of this, this is what you're meant to be doing. And you when you know that it's this, it's a feeling inside that is even hard to describe it. I think flow state is a great word for that. Because it is hard to put into words, but it's just like this core, knowing in your being that this, I'm not meant to be anywhere else. This is what I this is my purpose. And it's such a great feeling when you are living out your purpose in real life.

Annette Arceneaux  
Yeah, I mean, it's, you know, there'll be times you've probably experienced it when you're practicing yoga, and you just kind of drop out and you're in flow state then. But I feel like when you're really living in your purpose, and living with your why and aligned and all of those things past, future and present, it's like, the flow is consistent, it's constant. It's every day, and things are just easier. I mean, everything is just so much easier. And I don't mean to, I don't mean to, you know, like, get in the flow state, or you're a hippie chick. Yeah, yeah. I truly understand what it means to be in the flow state now. And I, I'm addicted to it. I love it. I want to continue on. Yeah. And I just, I'm,

Michael Jay  
so what was the difference? Prior to us working together? What was what was the place? You were there? What was where were you business wise, plans wise, where were you then?

Annette Arceneaux  
You know, it might not sound drastically different. But it feels drastically different. I was working, you know, I was doing virtual online classes for online studios teach, you know, I was teaching them and I had some private clients of my own. But I was also doing website, work for website work in marketing for yoga studios, and wellness centers. And it may not sound that different, but it feels incredibly different. Because now I have my own audience. And before when I was working at this, this online studio, I loved it, I aligned with it, it was very great. But those people just were not my people, you know, and I don't think we're meant to have reach every person. Right. And I think I think when you reach your audience and your people, they naturally want to show up, they're naturally there for you, and you speak to them better, you can help them more. So I feel like I really have a desire to connect with my audience, not someone, you know, studios audience that I'm probably not going to carry with me in the long run. So

Michael Jay  
yeah, what was that? So, you know, for the folks out there, you know, it's a big commitment, you know, financially and timewise to hire a coach, and a consultant. So what was the you know, when you came to me, I think you found me probably through the yoga Alliance webinars, is that correct? And then I think we did a chat together before you hired me. So what was the what was the thing that made you hire a coach to help you out? Because that is a big, you know, it's a lot of student you know, I've worked with a lot of studios and over the last year COVID You know, I've been seeing a lot of teachers like yourself, and working with them realizing that they can do this by themselves. And so what was the what was, you know, what was the instigator to meet you put money down to hire a coach? Well, you know, it's

Annette Arceneaux  
all coincidence because I get this email and I see that you have that this man, Michael Jay is going to be talking about your purpose and yoga teaching in the business of it. And I was like, Well, I'm going to join So I joined the webinar and I just hear you talking about everything that I needed


and I was like, Okay, I need I need this. I need this. And to be honest, um, you know, I I'm so happy that I made the choice but to be honest, I I almost backed out of our call our first call because I was almost maybe that was a roadblock for me, but it was almost like, you know, maybe I don't need this or maybe I can't do this. Or maybe this isn't the right time, but I leaned into that roadblock once again. And I we ended up having an awesome conversation and things just kind of the momentum kept building. And I am so glad that I made that choice. And you know, money is definitely a factor. But, you know, this is an investment. And I have for so long was stuck as a yoga teacher in this place where I, I was just missing the key I was missing. Why? Why am I teaching? What's my why I, you know, I always knew because I felt called to teach yoga. But what's my real Why? Why am I what am I trying? How am I trying to change lives here? And who's my audience? And that's, that's what we found. And that's what I've needed for over over five years now. I've been stuck in this place. It was like, I waited all this time. I was like, I don't know what I'm doing. I need help. I need this. Like, somebody show me the way and I took a chance with Michael and all of a sudden in what like how long? Like? Yeah, yeah, three or four months? It's like, okay, yeah, I mean, you know, it's just like, everything sped up.

Michael Jay  
Yeah. And now you have a pathway to income that's actually paid for the coaching. And, yes, exactly. And the other thing about having a program like this now, it's, now you can do rinse and repeat. Right? So you have all the tools to now, you know, we're working on our next stages of our business plan together. But within this cost creation, you have something that you can now duplicate. Yeah, exactly. He's in the process to duplicate in this process. Over and over again. and over again. Yeah, yeah. So now you've launched last week, and you got these people into your program, how does that feel?

Annette Arceneaux  
It feels amazing. And to be working with these women who are part of my community and being able to connect with them this way. And listening to fish together. It's just, I feel like I said, 1000 times in this call already, it just feels very aligned. And I get this Hi, after our classes are over, you know, I'm like, I went, yeah, yeah. Like, I want to say I want to stay up all night, and just, like, just live on that high and create and, and it's just, it's amazing. And I've loved connecting with them and seeing their journey. And a lot, you know, a lot of some of these women are new to yoga, I mean, and, and meditation, and I can already see it's changing their lives. So I'm really happy that they're along for the ride. Yeah.

Michael Jay  
So you I mean, you're creating community there, which is everything right? You're, you're really creating this community of like minded people. And they're probably leaving feeling good. And you've got all the systems set up the websites, the video on demand, you know, and now we've got the next stages of our journey, right. So we're going into fate, phase two of working with each other. So now, I'm going to be launching next month in July and eight week program, because what I've been seeing is with people like yourself, I have been seeing this, this amazing transformation, and people like yourself, being able to financially, you know, make a go of it. So I'm actually turning this process that I've been doing with the solo teachers into an eight week program, starting next month, is a summer camp. And it's in my yoga biz camp community, which can be found at yoga base So I'm going to a net is going to be part of that. So she's going to come into that community through the process. And she's actually going to, you know, share and help people with her journey through that course as well. So I want to thank you for that. And so, let's let's kind of wrap this up, I want to ask you just three fun questions. And the first one is something people don't know about you that you're willing to share.

Annette Arceneaux  
Well, this one may not be that goofy or fun, but um, I think a lot of people know that I'm a yoga teacher. And I do other weird things like Reiki but I actually have a background in journalism. I got my degree in Mass Communications, and I studied journalism, new media and a little bit of film. So it's kind of funny, because it all I was wondering how yoga, a yoga world and my journalism skills were going to combine together and here they are so

Michael Jay  
fantastic. What a favorite biz app or website or something that you use

Annette Arceneaux  
by far Canva but that Yeah, I agree. Yeah, yeah. It's an I, I subscribe to the pro version because it, it pays for itself. It's amazing. I use it every day. So

Michael Jay  
I absolutely, so I'm you know, my background is marketing and design and I was in the Adobe Photoshop InDesign going, you know, all the way back to cork Express. So as using all the cork Express, you remember that? Yeah, I do, that I was I was weaned on cork express in my graphics world. And I couple of years ago, a year or so ago, I gave up all my subscriptions. And because I remember just what I need. Now, it does everything. And I agree with the pro version. Because what I love is if I do a YouTube cover, then I can within seconds, convert that resize it to a Instagram post. Right, so you can just you can just And so yeah, and they keep improving that, that what they offer in there like crazy. And also having the stock imagery in there built in as well is fantastic. And so I 1,000% agree with that one. I'm a big Canva fan. And my biggest, the thing that I've been using a lot lately has been the Remove background feature.


yeah, if anybody looks at my Instagram posts, or my YouTube videos or anything like that, where I've got this orange background right now, but I shot all these photographs in front of green screen and then just went on to Canva. And with one click remove the background, and with one click added a shadow, and it's just magic.

Annette Arceneaux  
And that I mean that that tool alone. I mean, you definitely don't need you have no need for Photoshop at that point. Yeah, you know,

Michael Jay  
yeah. What we do, I think in the professional world, you definitely need the expert, I think in the yoga world is probably one of the best tools. And if anybody's not aware of it, I actually don't use this. But now Canva has so that you can do your social media postings within you can schedule them all within Canva Canva. I didn't know that. Yeah, so they have it, they have a calendar feature. And you just add your graphics to it and everything, and you can schedule it out. So I think that's, that's, that's a great thing. And speaking of which, social media next week, on Thursday, the 24th I am doing my social media for yoga businesses. 2.0. And this is I've taken my I'm sorry, I'm diverse. I'm going off here, but I'm taking my my coach's method of social media and he is genius. Like people literally want to throw money at him. And I have converted his program to be just for yoga businesses. And so the sign up can be found on my Instagram at yoga biz Yoga biz camp, and also on yoga base camp calm. But that's Thursday, the 24th at 2pm. And the recordings will be available as well, if you register, and that is free. I'm giving that away for free. It's actually part of my eight week series in the marketing module, and I'm offering that for free next week. So super excited about that. All right, back to you. Your favorite personal app does this app or website and it's been

Annette Arceneaux  
Oh, for fun. Yeah, I love um, Tony. I feel like I'm seeing her name wrong. Chani Nicholas. She's an astrologer. And she just put out an app. And every week, she puts out personalized horoscopes for the week. And I read it like it's the daily Sunday or something. So it's my thing I ever it's my Sunday ritual. Let me check out what's happening. And it's so accurate, so highly recommend. So what is it called again? It's it's just called Chani. And then let's see HNI. Okay, cool. And just type in charni. app, and it'll pop right up and yeah, it's amazing. It's awesome. Yeah. So and then how do we find you? Haven't been fine. Yeah. You can find me on Instagram at wild moon, honey. Should I spell that out? And w ILDMONHONEY. And, yeah, please join me on Instagram.

Michael Jay  
Yeah. And she's, she's awesome. And and her website is in the US now. And folks do go check out her landing page while it's still there. She's going to be redoing her website in the next week or so. And a yoga teachers that need some help with their writing. And I know that you know, and that is, you know, it's a skill set that not everybody has. And you definitely have it by spades like, it's just amazing. And so if anybody, any yoga teachers out there, or yoga studios need help writing a program or a sales page, and net is your girl, this fish tank, this hippie chick, but she just has a real knack for writing this sales copy directly to your audience. So I definitely recommend if you need a little bit of help, to please do reach out to her and have a conversation with her. And Annette, I want to thank you so much for joining me today and sharing your story, your successes, your journeys, I gotta say your wins are my wins. You have had so many messages on Instagram from me say, How did it go? How did it go? Yeah.

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