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One Woo - Removing Money Blocks with Coach KI

June 25, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 6
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
One Woo - Removing Money Blocks with Coach KI
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Welcome to Yoga Biz Camp with me Michael Jay.

I'm a yoga business coach with 25+ years of experience as a creative and yoga business owner and some of you may know me from the Yoga Alliance Business of Yoga Webinars

Every day, I help yogis turn their passion into a sustainable yoga business. For 13years, I ran and then sold a profitable yoga studio. I believe in sharing this experience to help others like me pursue their dream and actually succeed.

In this episode, helping you achieve those goals today I am thrilled to have my good friend, life coach and certified hypnotherapist Kristine Irving (Coach KI) join me. In this episode, we talk about getting to the root cause of why we get stuck, have roadblocks around money, and how to shift that mindset to one of abundance and self-worth.

About Kristine:

I am a Certified Life Coach, RTT Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist (C.HYP.)

I’m passionate about helping my clients discover the root cause of any issues that are holding them back from living unapologetically, living confidently and living free.

I use a unique combination of RTT and Coaching which enables me to access both the conscious and subconscious mind in order to create powerful, positive change in my clients’ lives.

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Michael Jay  
Welcome to yoga base camp with myself Michael Jay. I'm a yoga business coach with 25 plus years of experience as a creative, a total tech geek and a yoga business owner. Today I have my beautiful friend returning coach Kay I Christine Irving talking about money mindset, abundance rather than scarcity and we conclude with a short EFT tapping session to remove money blocks. Enjoy. Welcome to a nother episode of yoga base camp. I have Christine Erving again, Coach K II, who was my very, very, very first guest, that's not very many episodes ago. But I have to say, Christine, I have had so many people talking about your episode, not all yoga people either, but you made a great impact on people. So if anybody has not listened to the first episode, I definitely recommend it. So just I'm going to give a little bit of overview about coach Kay Christine Irving. She's a dear friend of mine. And she's also a certified life coach that's been coaching for over 18 years. She's a certified hypnotherapist and RTT practitioner. RTT is a modality that uses hypnotherapy, to get to the root cause of whatever is keeping you stuck, or stopping you from living a life free of limiting beliefs and thoughts. She has also been using the tapping technique, which is getting really good results. And at the end of this podcast today, she's going to do a short tap to on having an abundance mindset. So welcome, Christine. Thank you stoked to be here. Yeah, yeah, thank you so much. And I, I got to share this. We have a mutual client. Now I know that you are doing great work. So you I know you have confidential that reality. So you have not shared this with me. But she has shared this with me. And what I I gotta say like she can she has been a yoga student for a long time. And I would say, you know, there was always a sort of a frenzied thing about her. She was always hustling and running around and in a frenzy mode. And I have noticed a significant difference in her. And at the end of class A couple of weeks ago, I have said, you know, what's going on here? And she's like, it's Christy.

Oh, that's

so nice. Yeah. And she, she said, Well, I'm gonna share this because the Yogi's will understand this one. But she shared that she literally through a session with you felt like something physically dropped out of her body. And then she said it was guilt. And she's like, I'm guilty. She's, I'm guilt free. So, you know, and this is something I've very much saw with my own eyes. So the work you're doing, I think it's pretty significant. And do you want to tell a little bit about the RTT? world? Sure. Well, actually, that

Kristine Irving  
story says everything, doesn't it? I mean, that is really quite something. And, and I think a lot of us have this feeling of like, do I have to be working on this stuff forever? You know, do I have to keep going back to the well and keep going back to those crappy stories that we ruminate about. And what this particular client demonstrated so beautifully is how when we can access our subconscious mind, which is what we're doing in our TT, what we're doing through hypnosis, we can really get at that root cause and once and for all release ourselves from that. And then the key after that is the rewiring of our neural pathways.

Yeah, so that's a

really important part. So it's not kind of one and done, you come in and you know, poof, magic does kind of feel a bit magical at the time. But then what what she didn't want, all my clients do is for at least 21 days after most go further, they listen to a recording that's about 15 minutes long every day, and that rewires those neural pathways and and allows you to feel guilt free. You know, anxiety free, I also work with a lot of different tools, which you mentioned tapping, which is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. And I'm going to do a little demo at the end, which will be awesome. And this is something so simple and that everyone can do. So I also leave clients with that tool that they can use on their own and everybody today that's listening, when they go through this will be able to take this away and use it on any emotion that is holding you back or wreaking havoc in your life.

Michael Jay  
And a lot of the work you do is is about as we're going to be talking a little bit about money mindset today. And yeah, and so a lot of the work you do is about undoing all those words that we say to ourselves.

Kristine Irving  
Yeah, Yeah, all the crappy and wow money, right? It just, it's it's like wildfire like you just light it and people everybody has, there's a lot of energy around money because money is energy. And there is a lot of often negative energy around beliefs that we created, from how we grew up from our parents, from our environment, from our jobs that we worked in. So money can create all of this crap. And then you talk about the things you say to yourself or your mind doesn't care if what you say is good or bad, or beneficial or supportive or crappy or limiting. It just simply acts on what you say. So if your words for example, around money, are, there's never enough, I'm never going to make enough. It doesn't last it runs through my fingers, which was one I used to say all the time. Like just where to go. Yeah. And, or any number of things, pick one around money. Well, you know, what would be some of yours, Michael? Around my money? I'm

on the roads, the roadblocks. The thoughts around money? beliefs? Yeah.

Michael Jay  
I don't know about the thoughts, I know about the patterns that I have to sometimes battle. And, and so and that, you know, around abundant abundance, and, and success. And I know that for me, I sometimes go through I'm on a path to do a really big project. And, you know, just, you know, halfway through, I stopped finding distractions to take me away from that. And yeah, and so, you know, it could be this morning, it was, it was just clean in a plan. So clean. But you know, I'll find that, you know, and, and so that's a little bit of a battle for me, because I have to, I have to push myself through that past. It's like, okay, no, no, get back, get back on track. So I know that's a pattern with me, that is a constant thing that I have to try. And

Kristine Irving  
so what's amazing is that can be a pattern that gets broken once. And that's kind of what I like to suggest to people is that, you know, we say oh, I just know that that's what it's going to be like for me. And I know that that's what's going to happen. Well, what if it didn't have to go? What if you could get behind what that, you know, I would suggest fear is around, this isn't going to make me the money I thought it was going to make I'm not going to succeed. I'm not whatever those crappy thoughts are, and really getting beneath it. But sometimes we do have to like muscle our way through. Yeah. And you know, I have a great story around, you know, when everything is looking

dire. So my life before, this was my own retail business for 20 years. And it was near the beginning of when I just had the one store and I had a business partner, and things were terrible. And I distinctly remember a day, actually doing the thing that none of us want to do, which is looking into my financials, which is looking into the reality of my situation. And it was the first time I had done that. And this was probably two years into the business. Maybe, yep, two years in. And I owed $250,000. And I remember just putting my hands on my desk, it was one of those corner desks, and just rocking back and forth. And now that I know about this kind of stuff, I realized I was regulating my body with rocking, because that's regulating my emotions in my body. And I'm rocking back and forth and thinking a quarter of a million dollars.


what are you doing? What are you doing? And you know, in a moment like that, so it's either, you know, once things get like this, you have two choices. And you know, it's Go big or go home, it's like it's one or the other and you either go big or not keep going, you keep going, it's just gonna get worse. You either have to really assess the situation and choose to change course, or go bigger is what I would, what I did and what worked for me. So I my business partner at the time. She She was like, I'm out like I start talking about buying a second business. She's like you are bananas. Like what are you even thinking? And so she got out and she's and we are still dear friends and she's doing amazing and she went to a very secure company and is doing phenomenal in her career. But that wasn't the route that I wanted to go So big thing to understand is, you know, if any of your listeners are feeling like they're in that position, it's really digging into what is your personality type? What do you value? What are the things and for me, I'm okay with risk. You know, it kind of makes, it makes me a little exciting a little, when I make some of these big calls, even though they scare the living crap out of me. So it was one of those where then the opportunity came up for me to buy the second store, and I went for it, and it was the best thing I ever did. And, and I ended up having a very successful business that I was able to sell years later. So but it was one of those moments of like, holy crap, you know, call it you come to Jesus moments, whatever they are, where you look at it, and you just think, what am I going to do now? Well, you dig in.

Michael Jay  
But you know, my, my, my clients, and I think most of the listeners on here are yoga studios, or yoga teachers that are making it. Oh, you know, a go of it. And I think, you know, that independent soul, you used to have that risk factor, right? I mean, I know, you know, many people have been in the same job for 20 years, that absolutely do not understand my way of life. You know, they didn't they just don't understand that at all. That when you just said there, you ignored the finances? No, let's just talk quickly about the yoga studios. Because when I start with a yoga studio, it is not an uncommon scenario where they haven't, they just literally ignore the finances of the business and don't know don't even know have a clue about profit. And I think one of my mindset, when I first started with my yoga studio was I didn't go into it, to create a business. I went into it to create a community. And so the business mindset came at, actually after I met you. So you know, and you were like, you got to look at the numbers, you've got to be realistic about this. Yeah. So what is it? That that hey, myself enough, just enough and not having a profit mindset at all that I am worth more than this? What What do you think the stumbling block can be there? Well, that's such an interesting question. Because what I've learned,

Kristine Irving  
I think, before I did this whole hypnosis thing, I had a lot of answers around that. And they were really my story and what I thought my story was, but now that I've dug in a little bit more, I want to suggest that it can be different for everybody. So So some of the there's common things for sure. I mean, people will always say fear, fear of success, fear of, you know, what if people say no, so I had a really interesting, a couple interesting experiences through through what I do. Luckily, I'm also a client, say, you know, I also do the work, for sure. So I have a lot of that same playing small is kind of what you're talking about, right? Like playing small plays safer in your head in the sand and just burying your head in the sand. Like, just, if I just give myself these little crumbs, then that'll be enough. And enough is such a massive word, right? It's like this, this root belief, this is that I often go back to is with clients and with myself, it's just I'm not enough, I'm not enough to charge this much, or whatever that might be. So I grew up in a family where when my dad paid the bills, it was you ran for the hills, like he was angry, angry. And it was not nice. It was just, I mean, it was, um, the heat like, was like there was a cloud around him. And he'd sit in this dark room to I always, like, turn on the light. Like, he'd sit in this dark corner of the room and pay and write out the checks. And he was so pissed off, and there was never enough. So I always in answer to that question would say, Well, I just don't believe there's enough. My root belief is that there isn't enough. So I worked on that a lot. And I worked on that through the story. I just told you like, you know, taking that bold move, I had to believe there was enough. And I don't know it, it. I did feel there was enough. So then I'm thinking is that really it? So I did a session I did a RTT session on money beliefs. So before I tell this story, I want to preface with the fact that I call myself one Whoo. So there's whoo whoo. And I'm a I'm a single Whoa. So this is gonna sound maybe a little out there, but I think your listeners are gonna be right on board. So I think I'm in a weird world, so I feel safe. I feel safe to share right now. So, um, we went back and so what happens in this session is once you're in hypnosis, you're taken back the the therapist regresses you back to the root cause of your mind and I want to know My root cause because I'm still suffering from these money blocks, and success blocks, which is what really you're talking about as well. And I went back and it was very dark. And there was this kind of humming sound. And I could hear my parents voices.

I can hear my dog's voice right now, hopefully you can't.

So I could hear my parents voices. And let's fast forward, I was in the womb, I went back to a scene, and I heard my dad saying, we can't afford her. We can't afford her. And, like, it was just that one, that it had become a bit of a joke later on where my dad was like, it was I was the fourth kid, I was an oopsies. It was like that I was not planned and things were tight with my parents, they had no money. And so I heard that conversation. And this is what happens in development with babies. That's why we have to be so careful what we say around wee ones, and when they're in our bellies. And so I created a belief then that I wasn't worth it. And from then on, I felt uncomfortable charging, I felt uncomfortable rail, you know, God forbid, raising prices, even in my retail store, every that's why I stopped being on the floor. And I had my staff do it. I felt like I had to give everyone a discount. Even there were the prices on the damn garment. You know? So now is it doing what I do. Now, as a coach and a therapist, it's even harder, right? So I think of your clients and the people that are listening now, where it isn't black and white, what you charge. And if you if that is the root cause. So I was going after the wrong root causes. What I'm kind of trying to say here is I thought it was that there's never enough, but the root cause wasn't that it was that I'm not worthy of charging this,

yeah, that they can't afford me. They

can't afford me. It was unbelievable, unbelievable, shifted, things like that. So you don't have to go through hypnosis necessarily. To do this meditation works wonders. I love Joe dispenza, use his meditation to really take you back into what that root cause might be. So I would just really encourage spending that quiet time to go back and think what is that? What is that thing we need to release? You know,

Michael Jay  
we spoke a little bit about this on the first podcast. And afterwards, I kind of contemplated a little bit about, you know, Federation, I grew up in I grew up in England, which has a class system, a very defined class system, lower class, middle class, upper class, and upper class, if someone was successful, or born into it, but if they were successful, they were considered an upper class, right? And so the middle class, always put down the upper class. Right. And so I would say I grew up middle class. And and so you know, growing up with parents that kind of poo pooed, the successful or the upper crust or whatever it would be. Yeah, I really contemplated that afterwards about the mindset that I grew up in. Don't get

too fancy. Don't. Don't get too big Michael.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So in the time of Margaret Thatcher was when I and Margaret Thatcher came from my hometown Grantham, which is voted as the most boring town in England. But she was born in middle class, right, not with an accent that she ended up with. And so even my grandmother, she comes from, as you know, she comes from me, and she didn't get that accent, you know, from where she came. So there was always this pulling down if someone that fits needed, not that there was a fan of Margaret Thatcher. But, you know, she sucks that she was a female that succeeded. And so, there's definitely that looked down from all generations of my middle class for sure.

Kristine Irving  
What a great realization. You know, that's that's another interesting once you know, we've just talked three different so when you kind of finding out what is at the root, it's just different for all of us, isn't it? And and then what do you do with that? So now that you know that, how has that shifted things for you? I don't know if it's shifted yet. Maybe I need to do a little work. look deep into my eyes. Always the clock, right. It's always the watch. Yeah. So

Michael Jay  
you know, I just wanted to clarify here that, you know, when we're talking about hypnotherapy here, we're not talking about the stage stuff, right? This is a very, very different thing that us


So that's the studio. So my other audience Is the the solo yoga teacher and especially in the last year since, you know COVID, a lot of solo yoga teachers that used to work at studios have been displaced. And now I'm working with a lot of them on trying to figure out their way on their own how to make a business, what I'm the so the kind of abundant mindset and that scarcity, what I'm seeing a lot of which you've just spoken a little bit about, but it's that it is those self worth what roadblock and always in the beginning, when I work with them, it's overcoming it's very different studios, or systems and marketing and things like that, right. That's how I work with them. But with a solo teacher at first, it's getting over the I can't. And I don't know how tos. And that's such a it's such a common theme with most yoga teachers that I work with that, that that self limiting kind of belief. Aren't is a big one, or I don't know how to massive any thoughts around those sort of self beliefs. And yeah,

Kristine Irving  
I think that, you know, if it's something that's really paralyzing you in a lot of areas in your life, it's always worthwhile to go back to the root cause of why is it that I don't believe I can, and what is it so I'm always gonna go back to that, because I'm a believer. But there's also something else, which is thought work, which is really looking at when I think that thought, so I love to look at the loop. This is very much along the lines of CBT cognitive behavioral therapy that a lot of therapists use, and but it's a great way to break looping thoughts. And so what you do is you what is that thought? So it's,

I can't do it.

I don't know how, like, all those thoughts that you said. So if we, if we use the example of I can do it, and then we go, and we really let that sit with us. And then we see what emotion comes up when I think I can't do it. And this is again, like your people, they know

how to do this. Like,

Michael Jay  
I would say when your teachers, they're very intuitive, knowing where to where they feel it in their Oh,

Kristine Irving  
that like, I know anyone that is whether they're a yoga teacher or practitioner, and I asked that question. They're like, right here, right in my top of my stomach, right in my throat right on my chest. Like they know exactly where it says it's all here. Chest. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then look at your health story, right. So it is it's always very interesting. Mine was I couldn't speak and I ended up with throat cancer with thyroid cancer from all good news. But, you know, there's really interesting things. So that's a whole other story as far as how it, you know, how these emotions create an emotional response, but also a physical response. Yeah. So finding that emotion. So I can't do this, finding that emotion. And when I feel that way, so common one is fear, you know, common emotion would be fear. It might be scarcity. It might be there's just not enough out there. So I can't do it. Because what's the point? It might be that compare and despair, you know, looking at other yoga teachers, seeing how well they're doing? Oh, I can't possibly do that. They've got some magic being that I don't want to shut down. Shut exact. So that was, you know, how beautiful you went right to the next thing, which is then then what's the result? And the result is shutting down. So the result is shutting down burying your head in the sand Lalalalala you know, that kind of thing. A plant dusting and plant? Yes. Like clean plant. So it's all those so looking at that and then when you think when I shut down? Now what's the thought, Oh, I'm I can't do anything. Look at me. I'm

a slug. I'm

useless. I don't

know what and now Oh, my God, then the loop just starts

right over again. And then when I think that now, what's the emotion now? What's the result? You know, maybe I snap at people maybe I you know bury away and I don't ask I don't reach out to clients. I don't whatever it is, whatever that result is and this loop continues. So you know without hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy and going deeper, that's a really great tool. And that is a gold standard for therapy and for coaching, where we look at the thoughts. But where this gets tricky, is sometimes really trying to figure out what that emotion is right and want to make sure we go after the right emotion. So on that thought train, this is why I love to bring up my buddy and Dr. Joe dispenza, who I'm a giant follower of and he talks a lot about how the thought creates that electrical charge in the quantum field. The thought puts it out there. So we're talking about abundance and I mean success, things like that. It's like, yep, I'm like I'm rolling. I've hired this amazing business consultant, Michael Jay, I'm kicking it like I'm doing the right, like thought I'm doing the thing. But the emotion is what attracts it to you. So the emotion is the magnetic charge. So you want to make sure that with that thought, there is a corresponding emotion that is powerful and positive. So when that emotion is powerful and positive, like there is abundance, I am growing, I'm doing the right things. And I feel so good about myself, I am enough. I feel amazing. I feel abundant. I feel positive. Now we're talking about now you start watching the numbers grow in your bank account. If it really works like that, it sounds almost simplistic, but it is this is just energy. Money is just energy.

Michael Jay  
So do we have first when we're practicing that? Do we fake it till we make it at first?

Kristine Irving  
Yes, absolutely. Start the doing because you have control over, you have control of your thoughts, first of all, and we also to some degree of control of our emotions, but I'm going to say that they're connected to our thoughts. And we definitely have control over what we do. So what is the what is the action that comes with that feeling? It's not really result. It's action. Okay. So it's your thought leads to your feelings, which leads to your actions, which leads to your results. I missed a line there. So what we have some control over is that action part. So if we in that action part, just do the damn thing. Open up those financials, dive in, even if and if you don't understand them, you hire someone like yourself, Oh, my gosh, I hired a consultant you hired me, this is what this is how the world works. We cannot be expected to know at all and do it all and be fantastic at everything we just kept. Wouldn't that be lovely? And if that's not your strong point, find someone who knows this stuff. And then we change that, that doing part. So now we just do the thing? Well, guess what? Then let's let's go backwards. Now. let's reverse engineer as they say, let's look at our emotions. When we're doing that I'm feeling kind of confident and feel like kind of kick ass like I'm doing that thing. What's the thought that the thought is I'm enough? I'm amazing. I'm on my right track. This feels good for me. In some t shirts that say I am enough. I am enough. It's just frickin everything. Yeah, like it's it's the root cause it's, well, there's three there's usually there's three root causes pretty much hands down for anything. And it's I am enough being a root cause to things that are causing us crap in our life. Another one is that it's not available to me. So those other yoga studios can kill it, but not me. I they have a better location. They have this they have that whatever it is, that yoga teacher has a bigger following has more people, you know, that kind of thing. And then the other one is that I'm different. And so I'm different, which can go back to so many. Usually, when that comes up, people are regressing right back to childhood. You know, the worst hell when you're a kid is that you're different from everybody. So it is about I'm different. Well so now what you and I know like and I'm sure a lot of your listeners know is that's your secret sauce. That thing that makes you feel different. Oh, sing that from the rooftops. That's what's gonna bring the people to you. I just watched Britney Spears documentary last night, which was like heart wrenching by the way and and it was this one fellow. That's one of her like free Brittany people. And he was just saying, like, I looked at her and she was an eye, she felt different. And I felt different. I felt connected to her. And you hear that about, you know, Lady Gaga. And you hear that? You know, like some Billy Eilish, you hear that about so many of these people? It's their difference. The thing that made her feel this story,

Michael Jay  
right? I mean, I work with I work with, especially with solo teachers that their story is their superpower. Sure, yeah. Really, no matter what the story is your history. And also when I work with them on trying to find their ideal audience. Usually not always, but usually their ideal audience is them before they found yoga. Yeah, right. And so so really, you know, I'm just working with a client and net who is just rocking it. And so I asked her and she was on my last podcast about how to create a eight week registered series. She wrote an amazing landing page and I and she's a writer. And so I asked her, how did she do that? And so she said, she just wrote her old self and that was kind of her magic. Creating her program was that she was trying to attract the people that were in the place that she used to be. Alright, yeah, definitely the, your story I truly believe is your superpower. And I really don't think it should be downplayed at all.

Kristine Irving  
And to share the dark parts of your story, right, like I remember I was in a writing course and we had a project where we were we went into the cave, you know, like into the cave, our darkness that you know, where we meet your shadow self, all those those parts of you that aren't so pretty, and and what helped you and everything. And then the visual that I love, and I think about it all the time is coming out of the cave and meeting somebody going in. And as you're coming out, and what do you say to them? How do you help them so much to what you just said, you know, somebody's just starting their journey? Yeah. Let's talk about your EFT. EFT. Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's let's dive into that a bit. So this was something I just added a few months ago, I've been following it for a long time and kind of following videos on YouTube. And there's tons and there's, they're great, they're fantastic. I highly recommend them. There's so much. What I love about EFT is it doesn't have to cost you money, it can be a free resource. You know, there's there's lots, I'm not going to go into all the people on there, you'll find somebody that you connect with, for sure. So it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, it's been around forever, it's also known as tapping. And the idea behind it without getting too technical is that we are clearing our energy clearing meridian eight using eight meridian points, specifically using what they call the basic recipe. So that's what I'm going to do today with you guys. And just go through what the process is a very simple process of clearing an emotion that is no longer serving you. So there's an important thing, a couple important things to remember one in particular is to be as specific as you can. So when you are thinking of this emotion, whether it is about feeling not enough, or feeling scared, or guilty, or whatever, pick a lovely emotion, whatever that emotion is, if you can go back and find a time in your childhood, the earliest memory you have around that emotion, that's gold, that when you go back to that time, even if it doesn't have anything to do with what's happening now, you know, maybe you feel guilty about you, you told somebody a secret that you shouldn't have told a friend confided in you and you're feeling guilty about that, I would really encourage you to go back to a time you had a similar feeling when you were younger, because that's when that that that thought was imprinted on you. You're bad, you should feel bad about that. So if you can't use the news, the current story, but if you can go back, it's even better. So being really specific, and don't get caught up in the words that you say. So I'm going to guide you through something today. That is my words. But I really encourage you to use your own words. And as you're tapping through each of the seat through each of the meridian points, just start talking. I did this once on again on a money thing, I still felt like there was something I needed to clear. And as I was tapping, it was crazy words were just like coming out of my mouth clearing clearing until I went to and I won't go into it. It's too long of a story but until I got to the root cause of that. And I was like

holy crap.

And I just feel so much more clear and open about this. So this is about clearing energy. There's tons of studies that have been done on EFT it's extremely powerful lots This is not this is no, this is this is truly and again, I know who I'm speaking to here you understand energy and understand how important it is to clear and this is a wonderful way to clear

Michael Jay  
energy. And I know a lot of Yogi's just absolutely adore U of T so I'm probably preaching to the choir here for a lot of people, but I thought we could do one together. And then just you know I'm going to because I know a lot of people aren't seeing this on video. So I'm going to explain what each of the where you're going to find these meridian points on your body and just need to and then folks if you are interested in seeing the video, the video always gets uploaded, the video version always gets uploaded into my free yoga biz camp community. So if you go to yoga biz and then click on the yoga biz camp link, you can get access into the community there. It's just for yoga studios and teachers. But all the video versions of these podcasts go in there.

Kristine Irving  
Okay, so let's get started. So this is going to be on Just really moving, maybe some of those money blocks that you might have some of that negative energy around money. So even if right now, you can think about your feelings around money. And when you're not feeling good about money, when it's feeling like a stress in your life, or when you're feeling scarcity, we just want you to really settle into that. And the first thing we want to do is on a scale of one to 1010 being I'm freaking out, this is horrible. I'm totally stressed out, one being feeling pretty calm, but there's still a little bit going on, we need to gauge that from one to 10. And just remember that number or write it down. And then now we're going to get started. So the first step when doing EFT is we start tapping on our karate chop. So that's right here on the side of your head, it does not matter which side you use through this. We have mirror meridians so they see each other. So I'm right handed, so I always use my right hand. And we start tapping. And this is where we use our statement. So this is a statement that we use, and it will sound something like this. And just you can just repeat after me, you can either repeat out loud or to yourself. Even though I sometimes feel blocked when it comes to money, I fully and completely love and accept myself. And then tapping on that karate chop still, we're going to repeat this two more times a version of that, even though I've been known to bury my head in the sand when it comes to money. I fully and completely love and accept myself. Even though I'm scared that I might not be able to make money doing what I love. I fully and completely love and accept myself. So now we start tapping on the meridian points. And the first one is the top of your head. And I kind of suggest going around a little bit to make sure you get it but there's some time you're going to start doing this and you're going to feel a little tender point eventually and you'll know exactly where it is. So when you just tap on your head and repeat these blocks around money and the second one is on the corner of just at the beginning of your eyebrow just on the top of it can make me feel scared and anxious. Using two or three fingers to tap is perfect. And then go to the side of your eye that bone on the side of your eye.

These blocks around money

and then that bone underneath your eye caused me to think small and pay myself or charge less than I want to. And now tapping just below your nose right above your lip. When I don't make much money, I feel it's a reflection of my worth. Now underneath your lip right in that crease on your chin I don't feel enough and now just below your collarbone so that little divot just go down and go to the right or left right below that bone. I'm scared to charge more because I might lose clients. And now underneath your armpit about four inches down kind of in the middle of the bra strap for women. I'm scared to really dig into my financials because I don't want to find out I'm failing back up to the top of your head. All these blocks around money corner of your eyebrow. I don't set big goals because I feel bad when I don't reach them. Sign of your eye so I stay safe and don't take things to the next level. Underneath dry. I don't like to talk about money

under your nose, it stresses me out

under your lip. I worry I can't actually make a living at this. your collarbone even though I see others doing it under your armpit. I'm not sure if I can be successful and one last time back the top of your head but I know I have everything. I need to be successful corner of your eye. I'm an expert at what I do. And the world needs what I have to offer.

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