Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

Yoga Studio Communication

July 16, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 8
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Yoga Studio Communication
Show Notes

This episode is for Yoga Studio Biz Champs! 

Communication for Yoga Studios.

As we are reopening communication we should be spending  a lot of time communicating with"

- Existing Customers

- Lost Customers

- New Customers

- and our Staff and Instructors


For so many of my clients, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster and many have been wanting more connection to support one another.

To honor that need and continue to support both studio and solo yoga practitioners, I’ve created a community focused on the business side of yoga.

And it’s FREE!

I’m calling it Yoga Biz Camp and I’m in the soft launch phase. It’s INVITE only and I’d love to have you join us!

You’ll be an early member and help us set a cooperative culture for our group. You’ll get access to video interviews, all of my business resources, and teachings for new and more established yoga businesses, both solo and studio.

I would like to invite you for EARLY ACCESS right now.

Head over to or apply and I will send you a private invite link so you can join other like-minded yoga practitioners as they also build their businesses and help more folks in the world benefit from yoga!

Hope to see you on the inside!

To apply for FREE entry for this space head on over to

Follow me on Instagram at YogaBizChamp