Yoga Biz Champ with Michael Jay

Ingrid Thompson - Finances are WAY easier than anatomy

July 20, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 9
Yoga Biz Champ with Michael Jay
Ingrid Thompson - Finances are WAY easier than anatomy
Show Notes

On this episode, Ingrid Thompson - Fellow Mindbody Business Consultant talks about how important keeping an eye on your business finances can save your yoga business.

Ingrid talks about her upbringing and why finances became important to her and why she cares so deeply that people and health and wellness businesses thrive with a profit mentality.

She give advice for yoga studio and solopreneurs starting up and how to overcome the mindset challenges around money and that profit is not a dirty word.

Ingrid believes that every business owner deserves to fully understand how money works in their business. Understanding business finances and how money works is rarely taught as part of the curriculum and professional training for Health and Wellbeing professionals.

Over time people develop the skills and expertise in their chosen field.  As health professionals they reach a stage where they can look at a client and “just know” what’s happening in their body.

Ingrid believes that every business owner can come to understand the financial aspects of business – and it is easier and takes less time than most people believe.  

Ingrid shows business owners ways to learn about and understand money and finance using simple language as she draws on 30+ years of working with and explaining the financial aspects of business to a broad range of people in business.

When you understand how money works your life changes completely and forever.

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