Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

Eric Pierra - YogaBody Studios - #1 Reviewed Studio in California

September 17, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 10
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Eric Pierra - YogaBody Studios - #1 Reviewed Studio in California
Show Notes

On this episode, Eric Pierra - Fellow Mindbody Business Champ and President of YogaBody Studios talks about their studio surviving the pandemic, the importance of building an amazing team and putting software automations into place that have made them the number one reviewed studio in all of California.

Eric is part owner and President of YogaBody Studios in Southern California.

Eric has 25 years experience in the Wellness industry as a Chiropractor working in Sports Medicine, Industrial Medicine and Family Practice.

He joined YogaBody in 2015 to open the first studio in Chino, California that has persevered through COVID19 and was voted the #1 Live Virtual Yoga Studio in all California by Yelp in September 2020.

After 25 years of working in the healthcare industry, Eric believes that the future of "medicine" is in the Wellness Industry that will boom after this pandemic as it did after the last one.

Eric is immersed in the yoga industry  through the Mindbody Champs program and is one the moderators of the Mindbody One platform. Look for him there!

Links for YogaBody Studios
Facebook: YogaBody Studios
Instagram: YogaBody Studios

Software Links from the episode
Mindbody Online


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