Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

Katie Santos - The 'Heart' of Fitness HR - Contractor vs Employees

September 23, 2021 Michael Jay
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Katie Santos - The 'Heart' of Fitness HR - Contractor vs Employees
Show Notes

On this episode, Katie Santos - Fellow Mindbody Business Consultant and Fitness HR expert talks about why studios are switching from hiring contractors to employees.

We also talk about the onboarding process and how to get employees all rowing in the same direction as well as her motto 'hire slow and fire slow'

Katie Santos is the founder of Katie Santos Consulting and Fitness HR ™ - an internationally recognized Movement Teacher with a 38-year track record of being a hyper-organized authority on building and maintaining realistic and achievable business goals. 

Pursuing a Human Resources Certification allowed Katie to focus on helping studios comply with recent employment law changes around the country. Katie’s knowledge of the unique nature of the fitness and wellness industry’s needs related to employees allows her to be their partner and advocate as they navigate the new law changes.

Katie is focused on helping businesses and people become the best they can be. With the power of Evernote ® and Work The System ®, she encourages business leaders to leverage their big ideas with simple solutions so they can concentrate on success.

Links for Katie:
Instagram: @fitnesshr

Links from the episode
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