Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

John Motz - Mindbody Online SVP & GM of Fitness & Integrative Health

October 22, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 12
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
John Motz - Mindbody Online SVP & GM of Fitness & Integrative Health
Show Notes

On this episode I am honoured to spend time talking to John Motz - Mindbody Online’s  Senior Vice President & GM, of Fitness & Integrative Health

John joined the Mindbody team in 2020. He is a technology-savvy leader with significant experience in SMB and Enterprise SaaS software. His management philosophy includes utilizing creativity to design strategies and execute solutions that create products and services customers love. During his time at Intuit and ADP, John developed valuable experience managing global product development teams and collaborated with large local field sales teams and global channel sales organizations.
As a product leader, John’s passion is to empower teams to make fast decisions based on customer and market behavior. Part of his DNA includes ensuring his teams have a learning mindset and are encouraged to fail and learn fast.

We talk about:

- His leadership style at Mindbody Online
- The importance of great customer intuition customer empathy and understanding the customers needs.
- The importance of understanding sales in any business
- To trust your gut and believe yourself
- How Mindbody launched their virtual platform in 9 days
- We touch on the new Mindbody features: sub schedules, new insights, messenger.ia, 
- How community is the class builder 
- Why would a yoga company choose Mindbody?
- He shares a funny story about when he finished college
- And what is on his Spotify list!


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