Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay

Laura Munkholm - Walla Software

November 16, 2021 Michael Jay Season 1 Episode 13
Yoga Biz Camp with Michael Jay
Laura Munkholm - Walla Software
Show Notes

Laura Munkholm is the President and Co-Founder of Walla, a new Studio Management platform for the next generation of Fitness Studios. She lives and works by the motto that happiness is the highest form of health.  Her experience consulting for hundreds of studios around the world, along with managing a studio and teaching yoga for over 12 years, gave her a first-hand glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of running a boutique studio. This led her to partner up with some of the best tech minds in the industry to build Walla. Laura’s a competitor, mom to 2, yoga and pilates junkie, and fan of anything that results in a good belly laugh. Most of all, she loves building communities around her passion to get more people moving. 

  • How yoga healed her around breath and anxieties  and her path to becoming a successful yoga teacher
  • How sales training and learning the customers needs helps the front desk roles
  • Financial understanding of what numbers are important to a business owner
  • Psychology of the consumer integration into the Walla software platform
  • In-Person and Virtual Hybrid is an equal citizen in Walla
  • Breaking news of launching a new consumer pass platform via Hopscotch platform
  • HUBSPOT  - favourite biz app
  • Marco Polo - favourite fun connecting app

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For so many of my clients, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster and many have been wanting more connection to support one another.

To honor that need and continue to support both studio and solo yoga practitioners, I’ve created a community focused on the business side of yoga.

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You’ll be an early member and help us set a cooperative culture for our group. You’ll get access to video interviews, all of my business resources, and teachings for new and more established yoga businesses, both solo and studio.

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Hope to see you on the inside!

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